How can you see birds in Ethiopia?


Photograph: Jef van Eyck (Belgium)

The Viewpoint Lodge in Ethiopia provides different services to birdwatchers.

  • An exceptional garden and lakeshore to observe many many birds.

  • Information with a small library about birds and specially birds in Ethiopia.

  • Contacts with professional birdguide.

  • Information about how to organise small birdwatching trips or bigger tours.

  • Information about specific places to visit birds in the surroundings and in Ethiopia.

  • Provision of local guides to visit the 7 different lakes of Debre Zeit.

You will find there birdwatchers as Jan, the owner, who travelled around the country to observe birds.
This website has been created to answer to the demands we have from birdwatchers. Let’s share our experiences!


You need a professional birdguide in Ethiopia ?

Some birds are not easy to find. You have to recognise their sound, you have to know the places where they are living, you have to know when you can see them.

We can provide you a professional birdguide, formed in Kenya and with a lot of experience. He mades many tours in Ethiopia and knows the hidden places.

You need some practical information about organising your birdtour in Ethiopia ? We can provide you some advices. Just Contact us.

More than 5000 cranes ( grus grus) are flying in every evening from mi-November to the end of February, in the swamps not far from the Viewpoint Lodge. In the morning, they fly away to go in the surrounding fieldsNear the lodge