Where can you see birds in Ethiopia?

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The Viewpoint Lodge in Debre Zeit

The Viewpoint Lodge in Debre Zeit (50km south of Addis Abeba) is a good location to start your birding tour in Ethiopia as it provides different services to birdwatchers.

The lodge is located on the borders of the Babogaya lake. The garden of 4 levels gives the opportunity to see at least 50 different African birds in 24 hours.
130 different species where photographed in 3 days. The list can be found here.

The paradise flycatcher and the endemic lovebird are daily there. A tour by kayak shows the kingfishers hidden in the lakeshore. Cormorants, fisheagles, kites, pelicans are flying around. Hunderds of egrets and sacred ibis fly in in the evening to sleep near the rooms on the lakeborder.

All kind of sunbirds are coming to eat in the flowers of the garden. Barbets are singing together. Sometimes an owl marks his presence at night. From beginning of November to the end of February, the wetlands at 1 km of the Lodge are a refuge for many waterbirds. Specially 5000 Cranes are coming down in the evening, to pass the night safely in the water, before flying out to the surroundings next morning for food. End of February, they migrate back to the Northern part of our planet.

A spectacular event the Lodge is visiting with the birdwatchers. At 6 am, you can hear them flying out again from your room. On another lake in the area, Ruppells vultures are nesting on the cliffs.

Beside the pictures shown on this website, you can go to the Tripadvisor link of the Lodge, with many pictures of birds, taken by other visitors.


Our Top 5 birdwatching places in Ethiopia ?

  1. Lake Chitu, part of the Abiata National Park, with 4000 Flamingos the whole year round. Don’t miss it !!!

  2. The Swamps near the Viewpoint Lodge with 5000 cranes flying in every evening in the winter.

  3. Awash Park with the nesting of Barbets in a dead tree and so many other birds.

  4. The nesting of Owls in the Yabello Sanctuary.

  5. The Park of Awassa town, near the fishmarket. So many birds, the nesting of love birds, the nest of the yellow fronted parrot.

More than 5000 cranes ( grus grus) are flying in every evening from mi-November to the end of February, in the swamps not far from the Viewpoint Lodge. In the morning, they fly away to go in the surrounding fieldsNear the lodge